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Surge Protection in Middletown, NY

Electricity is obviously incredibly necessary for all different purposes in our homes and businesses. However, we need to keep in mind that it can also be dangerous and cause a lot of damage if not used properly. For instance, power surges can be particularly damaging. Power surges occur when voltage levels increase above normal ranges for more than 10 milliseconds. These spikes can result from a lightning strike (though it’s fairly rare), tripping breaker boxes, black outs, and circuits that have been shorted. In such a situation, your electronics and appliances can receive more electricity than they’re designed to handle – which can ruin them. For this reason, it’s important to take the necessary precautions. To make sure you have adequate protection equipment installed, Middletown Electricians can install, repair, or replace a surge protector in your property. 

When should I use a Surge Protector?

These protectors can prevent against a spike, which could cost thousands of dollars in damage and repairs. Surge protectors prevent this from happening by evenly distributing the electrical energy to all of the devices plugged into it. It is recommended to use these protectors for more expensive apparatuses, like desktop computers and laptops, TVs, DVD players, and entertainment systems like Xboxes or PlayStations. Because these things require a lot of electricity, there is a higher potential for a electric spike, so it is best to use a protector. They are not much more money than a regular power strip and could save you lots of money in electrical damage. 

Surge Protectors and Power Strips: What’s the Difference?  

Many people commonly mistake surge protectors for power strips, and for good reason. While they look almost identical, and both allow you to plug in more than one device to the same outlet, power strips do not protect against or prevent power spikes. So how can you tell them apart? Look at the box your protector comes in, or the side of it itself, for an electric rating. This rating will be in Joules of electrical energy. Surge protectors will also indicate just how much electricity it can handle from a spike. 

Installation from Professional Electricians

Middletown Electricians can install the proper electric protection equipment that will regulate the power level your electronics receive in case of a voltage spike. That way, even if a spike occurs, your electronics will be safe. This ensures that the power levels received by your devices can’t exceed normal levels.

Our skilled electrical technicians have the necessary experience to install the proper surge protection equipment. When you work with Middletown Electricians, one of our electricians will come to your home and personally install it themselves. After installing the proper surge protection equipment, our technician will help you understand everything you need to know about the equipment and how to maintain the components.

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