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Your electrical panel, also referred to as a breaker box, is the epicenter of your property’s electricity. Electric panels are units that cage circuit breakers, which function as safety devices that stop the current if it goes above safe, normal levels.

Therefore, it is essential that your panel is up to date and running smoothly, as this will prevent a majority of issues from happening. Middletown Electricians offer full electric panel servicing as your local electrician. We are a reliable electrician company that customers can depend on for electric panel services. We can help you distribute power to switches and every other outlet in the house – and we provide these services with the hope of giving you a safe, secure and reliable environment.

The electric system is most often located in the basement or some other place like the garage or a dedicated utility space in most residential homes and business offices. You might be surprised, but many people have no idea where the electric panel in their home or business is located. It’s important to know where the electric panel is located so you can turn off your electricity in case of an emergency or reset a breaker if a fuse blows


Do you know how Old Your Electrical Panel is?

It’s crucial to have an idea of how old your wiring system is in order to know when it needs to be serviced. Not all electric panels age the same – some panels, typically older ones, are more susceptible to decay and malfunction. If your home is over 20-30 years old, it may be time to replace your electric panel. Newer technology allows for electric panels to be run on circuits, rather than fuses, to allow for safer power distribution. Especially with how much electricity we’re now using, it’s important to have the right electric hardware in place to make sure your home and business is safe from electrical damage. If you’d like to have a complete check done for your home or business, we also offer electrical safety inspections.

Are you Aware of the Commons Issues Related to Electrical Panels? 

If you know some problems that can stem from your electrical panel, you will be able to prevent them from happening much easier. That’s why when you work with Middletown Electricians, we work with you to make sure you understand the problem, process, and solution to better equip you for future electrical needs. Here are some common issues with electrical panels: faulty installation, outdated wires and fuses, corrosion from preventing electrical spikes, and wear and tear from time. The latter is an important point – you should have your system inspected regularly to ensure that it does not need to be replaced. 

Need Your System Serviced? 

We have several experienced electricians that have been thoroughly trained to use the proper tools to deliver the best service you can ask for. Whether your breaker box has been damaged and needs repair, or it just needs basic maintenance servicing, we can help you out – contact us here

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